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Post by MrYoungGun on Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:56 am

The 19th Hole Forum
Welcome to the 19th Hole Forum/magazine/pub/speaknasty. Obviously we cannot allow you to see everything in this forum, without membership, so only a few tabs are viewable by guests. This forum was created to weed out the bad sports of TW10, expose the cheaters, and discuss anything EA told us we couldnt. It has succeeded in doing so, but has become even more. Here we have a place to post golf related videos, discuss sports other than golf, share photography of courses, and post random pictures of hot women. having said all of that, the main focus here is the TWPGATour series, and many oppinions are discussed everyday, as well as strategies shared and the partycrashers are being denied our playing time. this once was a private club, but is now open to players from all consoles, and as long as you are not a complete asshole, you will likely fit right in.

Before you join this forum know a few things.
1-USE YOUR EA PERSONA TO REGISTER-A backround check thru EA will be performed. you will recieve a pm to your EA account of the same name you register with here. if this check shows that you are legit, proceed to #2.
2-YOU MUST BE 18 TO ENETER- no minors allowed. there are things said and posted that are not for underage ears or eyes.
3-YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 50 POSTS ON EA-obviously you found this forum from surfing ea's forums, so we want to know what your attitude is and will read your posts there.
4-NO TROLLING ALLOWED-as a member of this forum, you are expected to contibute. there are plenty of topics and fields of content to post in, and you will be kicked out for any number of reasons, without any notice.

Have Fun
This is not a golf club. we do not hold events and we do not have chat. this forum is for entertainment via posting of men's entertainment both on and off the golf course. If this sounds like the place for you, then register today! we are excited to see what you have to offer!

Signup for the WWWII. Coming this august!

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